April is Stress Awareness Month, and a good way to celebrate it is by reminding ourselves how we can live healthier lives. Although everyone deals with stress differently, understanding the causes of stress and how it affects the body and mind can make a difference in our overall well-being. So, what can we do to de-stress?

  • Identify the Nature and Causes of Stress
  •  Meditate and Become Mindful
  • Exercise
  • Social Support
  •  Change your Thinking Patterns
  • Unplug

Every once in a while, we should try to escape reality. For at least 15 minutes during the day, try to avoid being active on social media, reading your emails or watching TV.  Simple things like reading, listening to music, taking a warm bubble bath or doing your favorite hobby help reduce stress.

Also making the list to unplugging tips are adult coloring books. The growing trend of mandala coloring books are useful in helping the mind relax. Coloring, in general, helps stimulate brain areas related to motor skills, the senses and creativity.  In summation, get more into you because you deserve being the best YOU that you can be!