February marks National Senior Independence Month. Take this opportunity to evaluate your current living situation: Notice the strengths and weaknesses in  your daily routine and make adjustments for a better lifestyle.  Ask yourself: What holds you back? What could make daily living easier? Minor adjustments can make a huge difference.  Home Safety Tips: Use these techniques to make your home a place you can live safely and independently.  1.) Brighten Up- Check that every room is well lit  to prevent falls over unseen objects. 2.) Clear Clutter- Keep floors and walkways clear of unnecessary items for free movement without fear. 3.) Get a Grip- Install grab bars and handrails in the restroom near the shower, bathtub and toilet. Using non-slip mats and placing double-sided tape under rugs can also help minimize slips. 4.) Open Access- Making sure that everything is easily accessible , including the refrigerator, cabinets, drawers, doors and shelving. Also by placing items on the lower shelves for easier reach. At Jefferson Comprehensive, we treasure our Seniors and are concerned about your well-being.  We encourage you to take the precautionary measures listed so that you can live your best life ever!