Patient Portal



To help you get the best medical care experience possible, Jefferson Comprehensive Health Center, Inc. (JCHC), offers a Patient Portal for your convenience.  It is a secure, online personal health record that offers advantages for both you and your provider to make your visit go faster and smoother.  Having this online portal also gives you, the patient, access to your health record with information readily available at your fingertips.  That’s why we are asking our patients to SIGN UP TO USE OUR PATIENT PORTAL.


Create Your Patient Portal Account

When you visit JCHC, Inc., we will help you create your patient portal account for the first time by giving you a username and temporary password.  Your credentials will be delivered in separate correspondence by phone and/or Email.  When you schedule your appointment, we can determine which method will work best for you.


How to Access the Portal


Step 1

You must access the email account that JCHC staff provided to you during the initial registration/update.  You will find an email titled Jefferson Comprehensive Health Center, Inc., select that email.



Step 2

Open the email.  There will be an option to copy and past URL to a search bar or click the PORTAL LINK (make note of the temporary password and use it to initiate access to your new secured patient portal.  You may change your temporary password to a new password of your choice.  Your User Name is the email address you provided to Jefferson Comprehensive Health Center (JCHC).



Step 3

When you gain access to the portal, you can modify and set your profile.


To Access Your Secured ECW Patient Portal at JCHC

JCHC has a portal in the Main Lobby.


Select Patient Portal Login from the Favorites List on the JCHC Lobby Portal.


Enter User Name and Password.






When you use the patient portal with our clinic, you’ll have the ability to access your personal data from anywhere.  This means that if you’re traveling or away from home, your information can go with you.   The Patient Portal can allow you to access discrete pieces of your personal care data including:


  • Any medications prescribed by your provider
  • A record of your appointments, including your upcoming visit
  • An account summary with past and present billing information
  • Test results
  • Your contact details, which can be easily updated


You will also be able to easily update your personal information, including your address, phone number and other contact details, without having to call us.  All you have to do to keep your information current is log in to your profile and edit your details online.  Once you’ve made a change, it will automatically be updated for your next visit.  To further assist our patients in accessing their important medical care information from the Patient Portal, we have provided you with information regarding your Provider preferences and his/her email address.   This information is shown below:






Dr. Ronald Frye

Nurse Practitioner Crystal Cook

Nurse Practitioner Jermonique King

Nurse Practitioner Jennifer Williams

Nurse Practitioner Kenitra Wallace

Nurse Practitioner Lakeitha Turner

Nurse Practitioner Priscilla Jackson

Nurse Practitioner Sharonda Rogers


If you have any difficulty using the Patient Portal, please feel free to contact Mr. John Jackson, Eligibility Worker, at 601-786-3475, Extension 1018, or you may speak with any of JCHC’s Front Desk Receptionists/Staff for further assistance. 


Your Health is Our Business!”