Jefferson Comprehensive Health Center, Inc. (JCHC), was founded on the principle that health care should be accessible to all residents of Jefferson County and surrounding areas and that these health care centers should be provided in an effective and efficient manner being responsive to the needs of the population.  We have been a part of the community for more than 40 years serving the residents of three counties, Jefferson, Adams, and Wilkinson.

1970 - Planning year to establish a Community Health Center
1971 - Health Center opened its doors under the name of Medgar Evers Comprehensive Health Center
1982 - Name Changed – Jefferson Comprehensive Health Center
1999 - Opened School-Based Clinics – Jefferson County School District
1999 - Jefferson County Middlle School Based Clinic
1999 -Jefferson County High School Based Clinic 
2005 - Adams County Family Health Center 
2012 - Morgantown Middle School-School Based Clinic 
2012 - Grant Received from BPHC to construct a new Health Care Facility $3.7 million
2016 - Gilmer-McLaurin Elementary School-Based Clinic 
2017 - New Jefferson Comprehensive Health Center 
2018 - JCHC-Thompson Head Start School Based Clinic 
2020 - Frazier Elementary School Based Clinic (Opening Soon!)

JCHC Today:
New Health Care Facility constructed, opened February 28, 2017

Two new JCHC Mobile Units on site!