Mississippi Shine Project

The MISSISSIPPI SHINE PROJECT is a community-based health networking effort goverened by a five-member consortium that engages a wide variety of health and social service agencies to provide heatlh outreach and servies to over 30,000 individuals annually.  Additional health marketing and promotion efforts produce a totat aggregate impact of over 750,000 encounters annually.

The lead agency is JEFFERSON COMPREHENSIVE HEALTH CENTER (JCHC), a Federally Qualifed Health Center in Fayette, Jefferson County, Mississippi that has functioned as the federal lead agency for this project since 2007.  The service area consists of twenty rural Delta counties in the southwest corner of the state and the primary target population involves medically indigent residents living below the federal proverty designation.  This population suffers disproportionately chronic health diseases such as heart disease and diabetes, as well as Childhood poverty and lack of access to prescription drugs, which are the primary health issues addressed.  Therefore, SHINE is well-positioned to effect significant positive impacts on the health status of the region. 

SHINE acronym means Strategic Health Information Network Expansion.

The Twenty Counties we cover are: Adams, Amite, Claiborne, Copiah Covington, Franklin, Humphreys, Issaquena, Jefferson Davis, Jefferson, Lawrence, Lincoln, Marion, Pike, Sharkey, Simpson, Walthall, Warren, Wilkinson, and Yazoo.

Mississippi SHINE Directory:

Lead Agency: Jefferson Comprehensive Health Center
Mrs. Shirley Ellis-Stampley, Project Administrator
Phone: 601-786-3475 ext. 20

George Dixon, Project Director
Phone: 601-786-9546

HSIY Health Network

Lead Agency: Sharkey-Issaquena Community Hospital
Counties: Humphreys, Sharkey, Issaquena, Yazoo
Contact: Jowilla Secoy, Project Director
Phone: 601-873-5173

South Central MS Health Network

Lead Agency: Claiborne County Family Health Care
Counties: Claiborne,Warren, Copiah, Lincoln
Contact: Tammy Thompson, Community Health Worker
llPhone: 601-214-6624

SeMRHI, Inc.

Lead Agency: Southwest Mississippi Rural Health Initiative, Inc.
Counties: Simpson, Jefferson Davis, Covington, Marion
Contact: Shanell Williamson, Community Health Worker
Phone: 601-722-3208

Southwest MS Health Network
Lead Agency: Jefferson Comprehensive Health Center
Counties: Adams, Franklin, Wilkinson, Jefferson
Contact: Darren Colenberg, Sr., Community Health Worker
Phone: 601-786-3475 ext. 25

SMO Health Network

Lead Agency: Southwest MS Opportunity
Counties: Amite, Pike, Walthall, Lawrence
Contact: Tomeika Brumfield
Phone: 601-684-5593